7 Element obstacle course

7 Element Obstacle Course

7 element obstacle course

Product Information

Size: 34ft(L)x13ft(W)x11ft(H)

 Weight:320 lbs     

Contents: stakes and 2 blowers


Please read this list to all children using the Unit.


  1. Compatible age groups must play on unit at the same time. Age groups must not be mixed. Different sized children must not be mixed.
  2. The Unit is designed for children and is not recommended for use by adults. Bouncers should not sit or lay down while others are bouncing around them, as a jumping child could fall down on top of a sitting or lying child.
  3. No more than 4 adults or 6 children on the unit at the same time
  4. All persons must remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, and anything else that may harm the Unit or other users. All bouncers must empty their pockets before entering the Unit.
  5. No flips, somersaults or horseplay. Do not run and/or bounce against the walls. Do not run or jump through the door of the Unit. Do not climb or hang from the interior or exterior of the Unit.
  6. No food or drink inside or near (within 10 feet) of the Unit. If this occurs there will be a $40 cleaning fee charges to clean food and drink residue from the Unit. NO SILLY STRING. Silly string damages the vinyl. You will be charged for all repairs required from silly string damage.
  7. Keep all pets away from Unit. Please do not tape or fasten anything to the Unit.
  8. Do not use the Unit during rain. The jump surface is very slippery when wet. If during operation the wind becomes excessive (20mph), remove all bouncers and deflate the Unit.

Emergencies can arise for various reasons. The following are a few examples of emergencies and how they can be handled. This is strictly a guide. Please use common sense when an emergency occurs.

Loss of Electrical Power: When a loss of power occurs the inflatable will slowly start to deflate.
Remain Calm! You will have sufficient time to help the riders to quickly and safely exit the ride. This situation tends to cause panic . . . unless the operator stays calm and relaxed. Talk calmly to those inside telling them not to panic while you’re helping them walk out.
Check to see if the blowers have come unplugged or the cords are unplugged from the outlet. If so, plug them back in and the ride will re-inflate. Do not leave the ride unattended to check on any problem. Empty the ride and then address the issue.
If the Unit begins to deflate, inform the children to walk out the unit and exit it as quickly as possible. Do not leave ride unattended!

Weather: Bad weather can arrive in the form of rain, lightning or strong wind. In each case you want to evacuate the ride as quickly and safely as possible.
Remain Calm! If you panic, your riders may also panic. Stay calm and stay focused on your job, which is to help your riders exit the ride quickly, but in an orderly fashion. After everyone has exited the ride, deflate the ride by turning off the blower and moving them to a dry location.

Damage: If the ride becomes damaged while in your operation, take the following steps.
If the ride is ripped or otherwise begins to lose air, assist all riders from the ride and deflate it. Write down what happened, when, and any other details you observed and turn this report in to Party in the House Inflatables LLC.

Should the Unit deflate, or if you experience any problems with the equipment, please call Party in the House Inflatables LLC at 307-763-7320 before allowing or engaging in further use of the unit.

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