Laser Tag

Laser tag has changed greatly over the years and now available is this updated version of the head to head classic. This set has enough guns for up to 12 people to play using pistols, rifles, and even grenades! Unlike other set-ups this set uses a wi-fi based hub which allows you to set-up a battlefield virtually anywhere. This hub can track all players¬† as far as 250ft in all directions. The real world becomes like a game using this augmented reality system where players can acquire power-ups, ammo, air strikes, and more. All it takes is to download the AR app on your phone. You can use it as a screen to track player movement, keep an eye on your health and ammo, or even complete missions. This game will feel as real as it gets with 3D positional audio and real like gun movements. It is so fun you will have to try it for yourself. Once you start playing you won’t want to stop!

Everything needed comes with except for a wi-fi connection and a supported phone that can download the app for each player. Batteries and also portable power packs are available to charge players phones with the rental of this unit. Set-up and supervision can be included as well for a small fee. Watch the video and the look at the pictures to understand more or call to ask any questions on how this would work at your event.

Rental starts at $15 per player per day.

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