Games and Obstacle Courses

Sumo Suits

– includes 2 sets of suits complete with helmets, gloves, & 13 ft round mat.  100 lbs altogether

If you’re looking for a great way to go against your friends, family, and/or co-workers then these suits are for you! These suits are a lot of fun and are perfect for Kids and adults alike with one set of suits sized kid to teen and the other is sized teen to adult. Plus the kids will love the Batman vs. Hulk combo. Each set is complete with a gloves, helmet, and mat for added safety. Combatants go three rounds and whoever can stay in the ring or be the last one standing up the most is the winner. The only thing more fun than dueling in these suits is to watch someone else do it! Click here for more info!

$110 for 2 hours          $150 for 3 hours          $200 for all day

 7 element obstacle course

Seven Element Obstacle Course

34 ft L x 13 ft W x 11 ft H            320 lbs.

This course is great for almost all ages and they will be lining up to go through this unit. There are two lanes so that occupants can either race each other to the end or simply go through one after the next. This unit has inflatable pillars, tunnel, climbing wall, slide, and more! Click here for more details!

$160 for 2 hours          $200 for 3 hours          $250 for all day

bungee run joust combo

Jousting and Bungee Run Combo

30 ft L × 18 ft W ×8 ft H            320 lbs.

Here is the perfect unit for everyone to go head to head against their friends and family. Choose to either see who can stretch the furthest on the bungee run or see who can knock the other off of their pedestal in jousting. This unit comes with all the accessories that can accommodate both kids and adults. Click here for more details!

$160 for 2 hours          $200 for 3 hours          $250 for all day

 floating balls  

Floating Balls

12 ft L x 5 ft W x 3 ft H            40 lbs.

Now here is a game that is likely to be new and exciting to almost everyone. This simple unit has two lanes of cones that have their tops cut off so that air blows out of each one. The object of the game is to see who can ‘float’ their ball down their lane by moving the cones and into the basket the fastest! This unit is small enough to go almost anywhere and is great for all ages. The kids especially love seeing the magic of physics! Click here for a video!

$60 for 2 hours                   $80 for all day

Inflatable Orbs

7 ft Diameter  –  Includes blowers and race course          35 lbs.

These orbs are unlike anything that you have experienced before. Once inside each one can be inflated for loads of fun. The rental of these orbs does include extras such as cones, rope, etc. for a fun exciting race course that is good for either indoors or outside as long as the ground is smooth enough to run on without shoes. Many different configurations so if you have questions just ask!

$110 for 2 hours (for pair)     $150 for 3 hours (for pair)       $200 for all day (for pair)


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