Event Rentals

If you are hosting an event either outside or indoors we have the rentals needed to make it a success. Everything from tables & chairs to tents & dance floors. The products and service we offer are top notch and for the best value in the area. As with all products and services offered from us things can be combined for a discount and the more you pay for then the better the deal. You get the added benefit of working with experienced professionals for all of your event needs saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. Also unlike other companies you get to pick the option that works for you such as pick up yourself to save money or have us deliver to save yourself the hassle. If you have any questions on anything give us a call and we will help any way we can.

White Tent with sidewalls 10ft x 20ft (multiple available)

If you’re planning an outdoor event then this is the tent for you. It is heavy duty frame and it has no center posts leaving you more room for you and your guests. Each tent can hold about 50 people standing or about 3 tables with 30 people. If you need more coverage rent additional tents at a discount. They can be combined together or placed in separate locations. Sidewalls are included so that no matter the weather your guests will have a place to stay safe and dry. We will make sure that the tent is safe and securely attached to the ground when we set it up. For a small charge we have white string lights for inside the tent and also ground lights to mark the stakes for added style and safety.

$120 a day if picked up       $150 if set up and delivered       Additional tents $100 p.u. / $120 delivered

Add-on of White Lights: $25 if picked up    $40 if set up and delivered

10 x 10 pop-up canopy tent (multiple available – different colors)

These small tents are very versatile and easy to set up practically anywhere. We can use stakes or weigh it down with sandbags depending on your need. Their size is perfect for a little shade or weather protection for a guest book, a drink or dessert area, or even a booth space. 

$25 a day if picked up          $35 if set up and delivered


Rectangular Heavy Duty Tables (8ft and/or 6ft)

No surprise here, these are tables that are similar to ones you have seen before. They one solid piece top with folding legs for a seamless look as well as sturdy construction. An 8 ft table can seat up to 10 people comfortably. These tables can be either picked up for a cheaper price or we can set them up for you. Table cloths are available as well in limited colors. 

$10 each if picked up        $15 each if set up and delivered     

add a white table cloth $6    or other colors $7

Folding Chairs

Everybody needs a seat and we have plenty for you & your guests. Chairs do come on a cart for easy loading and unloading. Come in white or black.

$1 each if picked up         $1.50 each if set up and delivered                 

add a chair cover $2

Fast Deck Dance Floor (up to 8ft x 8ft square)

This portable dance floor comes in interlocking panels that can form up to an 8ft x 8ft square, big enough for all your dancing needs. It ca also be other sizes or shapes depending on your event. This floor can transform any area from grass to gravel to the center of all the action for your event. A sturdy dance floor is a must for everyone to twirl, slide, and stomp their best in comfort and safety because nothing ruins a party like someone getting injured.

$60 a day if picked up          $85 if set up and delivered

Color Uplighting Event Lights

In order to have an event that truly stands out then uplighting is the answer. All the best weddings and events are utilizing this new big trend. With us you don’t have to worry as we will take care of all the setup and can program the lights to correspond to event by picking one of 18 different color combinations and they can even do different effects such as fade in and out, blink, or glow, all in sync with each other. Most events with around 200 people need at least 20-30 lights.

$200 for 20 to 30 lights      Additional 20 to 30 lights only $100 more


Personalized Monogram GOBO Light

This is the perfect add-on for your event. This little projector is powerful enough that you can shine it almost anywhere and runs off of battery power for really tricky venues. Your own personal logo can be displayed on any wall or even the dance floor for an effect that will impress your guests. We will work with you to make a custom design for your event at no extra charge.

$75 for the day


Cordless Music, Light, and Misting Tower

If you are having an event outside then this is exactly what you and your guests need to stay cool. Misting can reduce outside temperatures by up to 25 degrees! No need to worry about anyone tripping over cords or hoses as this unit  runs for hours using a 5 gallon bucket and comes with a couple 18volt batteries to run all day. The tower can additionally functions as a light and also contains a bluetooth speaker that can be controlled from a distance.

$50 all day by itself      $35 all day as an add-on to another service or rental

 Pocorn Machine for Rent

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn is a great healthy, fresh, and fun snack that you can bring to any event. This hot snack goes well not only at fundraisers but at weddings and parties where many hosts will even offer a huge variety of flavors and toppings for their guests to try. Having a treat that is versatile and cheap is even better when you get to make it yourself. Rental includes 10 popping bags; each popping bag makes enough for 6 to 8 people.

$60 for machine & 10 popping bags      Additional bags $1.50 each

Planar PR3010 Projector

This is a great universal projector capable of producing HD images up to 1080i. Projectors are a great tool at events to showcase slideshows and/or videos to add that little extra touch for your guests. This unit works great for a variety of purposes and is very user friendly. The projector does have built in speakers but if packaged with my DJ service then this projector can be run through my quality sound system. This package does include a 40in x 40in portable screen to use as well! If you need ideas then contact me for suggestions on how this rental can make your event even better!

$50 per day projector and screen included


4000 Watt Generator

Yep, you guessed it! This is a generator and I’m sure you know what it is for but unlike numerous older models this unit packs a lot of power but remains relatively quiet during operation. It’s easy to use and reliable, this unit will last a good 7-10 hours depending on the electrical load.

$50 per day


9200 Watt Generator

Another generator but this one has more than twice the power. If you have the need for a generator it would be best to talk to me as to what would work best for your power needs. This one is very easy to operate and runs fairly quietly. It has a 5.9 gallon tank that will last a good 8 hours at half load.  

$75 per day

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